Paul Henriques

The Peer-2-Peer Lending Application is the digital version of a traditional offline method of lending and saving commonly used in African, Asian and Caribbean countries. I control all aspects of the UI and UX, working in partnership with two software engineers I sought out and teamed up with. This is an ongoing project from an idea I have had for a while, and am now bringing to life.
Pardna Mobile

Wireframes and Lo-fidelity Mock-ups

As with all projects, I began by sketching with a pencil and paper, to brainstorm ideas.

I then created lo-fi wireframes and concept mockups using Axure to test assumptions and work through journeys with potential users, which in this case included people from the community who are familiar with the offline method of lending that we are attempting to improve upon.

Mobile Wireframes

Mobile Wireframe

Account Set Up Flow

Account Set Up Wireframe

Web Application Wireframe

Web Application Wireframe

Web Application Wireframe

Web Application Wireframe

Web Application Wireframe

Web Application Wireframe

Launch Page Explainer Video

I needed to have an explainer video that was informative but would also hold the viewe'rs attention, and make sure the running time was no more than 90 seconds.

After storyboarding the steps, I created the video using an animation tool that had the familiar interface of timelines and layers. I also sourced music to play over the top. I edited the vector characters seen in the video and imported vector assets and images that I created.

I kept the branding and styling consistent and so the circular motif is present throughout, I wanted each scene to flow into the next to draw the viewer along.

Hi-fidelity Visuals and Branding

I kept the colour palette simple, with the stong purple the primary brand colour. The secondary action colour green is meant to deliberately contrast the primary colour, to draw your eye to buttons and CTAs.

The logo has circles surrounding the letter 'P'. The circles represent the people who form groups and take turns to lend and save on the platform. This saving method is commonly represented or talked about as being a circle, and I wanted to bring that into the branding.

Mobile Application

Pardna Mobile

Desktop Visual

Pardna Desktop

Laptop Visual

Pardna Laptop

Promotional Image

Pardna Promo

Pardna Logo

Pardna Logo

Tools Used In This Project


  • Pencil & paper to brainstorm ideas
  • Axure for medium fidelity mock-ups and wireframing

Visual Design & Product Assets

  • Animatron
  • PhotoShop
  • Illustrator
  • Sketch
  • Sketch Mirror